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Budget Prefab Powered by Green Energy Made from Recycled Materials

When it comes to the world of prefabs, saving time, space and resources is an essential aspect of the overall design. But just as important and increasingly the central focal point of these smart homes is their ?eco-sensitive? nature and how sustainable these homes are. Designed by SysHaus along with architect Arthur Casas, this sophisticated prefab feels as normal as any other modest house when viewed from outside. But step in and you will see a completely different setting with space-savvy kitchen and dining area and walls clad in MDF panels. It is recycled aluminum and MDF panels that were used in creating these planet-friendly prefabricated homes that leave very little carbon footprint.
Modern Brazilian prefab made from recycled materials feels smart and stylish
The design of the homes itself is simple and uncomplicated with an open lounge and family area connecting the interior with the world outside. Solar panels above the home along with the green roof ensure that most of the energy that powers the home is available off-grid. Homeowners can further enhance the solar power generated from the house by adding more photovoltaic panels down the line and turn the prefab into an effectively carbon neutral house. Water recycling systems and organic waste recycling systems add to its ?green credentials? while the smart home features allow you to control the entire space from your Smartphone.
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