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20 Modern Sideboards that Bring Home Stylish Storage

Sideboards come in a wide range of styles, forms and finishes. And with a slight twist in their overall silhouette they can be used in different ways while still becoming the focal point of any room they adorn. Most modern sideboards rely on simple, straight lines, a hint of minimalism and innovative design to bring the best of form and functionality together. The large surface area on top of a sideboard gives you the perfect opportunity to create a dashing and elegant display. Yet it is the storage space beneath that often is the real winner. A sideboard can solve many of your design conundrums in a single go!Stunning wooden sideboard by Portuguese decor maker Paulo AntunesWhether it is called a server, credenza a long cabinet or a living room console ? the modern sideboard is branded in a variety of ways by different décor makers. Some have short legs, while others sit even closer to the ground. Then there are those that float gently above ground to create a more visually spacious interior. Today, we bring to you 20 latest modern sideboards that wow with variety, creativity and space-savvy goodness.Geometric Contrast and PatternModern sideboards are not all about refined gray panache and simplicity clad in a cloak of white. A revival of retro and vintage patterns has seen even sideboards being draped in flowery finishes. What was a piece of décor that one would hope to find on the set of ?That ?70s Show? has now become a common addition to the contemporary living room, en...
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The Flying City: Soviet Techno-Utopian City Plan From 1928

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