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Tiny camper trailer expands to double its size in 60 seconds

France-based Beauer manufacturers campers that expand at the touch of a button. | Photos courtesy of Beauer

The camper nests small when towing, then transforms at camp to sleep two people comfortably Concept campers show what?s possible in mobile living, but rarely become a reality. Whether it?s a tiny home-inspired camper van or a spinning, two-bedroom home-on-the-go, most flashy ideas don?t have the staying power?or practical logistics?to make it to market. Love campers and trailers" Come join our community group.

That?s not the case with the expandable French campers from Beauer. Originally produced in 2012, the Beauer 3X trailer aims to be both easy to tow, yet also spacious once you arrive at camp. However, when we reported in the past on the Beauer 3X trailer, it was more concept than reality, a fun GIF that proliferated across the internet. In early 2019, however, Beauer attended the the CMT camper show in Stuttgart to show the 3X trailer and a new 3X Plus model that expands to sleep six. Recently, the company proved they could go small, too, debuting the 2X?a two-person camper that starts small when towing and then expands at camp in 60 seconds to reveal slick interiors. The other Beauer campers use three modules that nest together like cans and then expand horizontally to add more room. The new 2X model uses two modules instead of three, but still features a semi-circle shell that doubles in size to provide a little under 90 square feet of living sp...
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