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Only a duplex allowed me to tolerate my partner?s cat

I wanted to be easygoing and compromising, but I didn?t see a way to share a space with this particular, peculiar pet When we have company, I tell people the cat lives downstairs because of my allergies. And I do have allergies, but that?s only part of the reason why my partner and I have this unique living arrangement?the cat lives downstairs, and we?re on the upper level of the apartment. The fuller reason is that I detest cats. I have tried to love them, but I can barely tolerate them.
When Jesse and I first met, I noticed him posting cat photos on Instagram. I?d always considered cats to be a dealbreaker, but of course, we fell in love anyway. And the chirrupy Russian blue he?d inherited from his previous relationship was part of the deal. As our relationship grew more serious and we started discussing marriage and cohabiting, the cat issue loomed large. There were many screaming matches over this loaf of fur that he loved to love and I hated to hate; I have prayed without ceasing that a miracle would have me wake up one day, inclined to find pleasure in a cat?s company. I figured our best-case scenario would be living in separate nearby apartments forever, because that?s a thing??Living Apart Together.?
Sadie?s breed is a talkative feline, similar to a Siamese?the kind that meows throughout the day. Cat lovers tend to find this trait charming and comforting, but to me, the sound is raucous, like the unrelenting bleating of a newborn on a transatlantic flight, o...
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Kirkby Design and Tom Dixon transfer images of foil and hair onto digitally printed fabrics