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KaDeWe Department Store in Vienna

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KaDeWe Department Store in Vienna
Retail Building Development in Austria ? design by OMA
2 Oct 2019
KaDeWe Department Store
Design: OMA
Location: Vienna, Austria

OMA / Ellen van Loon and Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli will design the new KaDeWe Department Store and hotel in Vienna?s Museumsquartier. This was announced after a final jury meeting on October 1, concluding a design competition organized by the developer Signa.

Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and Ellen van Loon: ?The value of department stores should be measured by their ability to engage the local context. We are very excited about the opportunity to work in the historical heart of Vienna, and with this project we intend to highlight its qualities. The building is not an icon but rather an architectural device that establishes new urban connections and public spaces through its own internal organisation.?
The main program components are split in two volumes, retail up front and hotel in the rear, between which OMA created a green passage that invites people up to a series of public roof-gardens. The gardens range in quality and character ? from tree groves to sun decks ? generating unprecedented views from all sides of the building onto the city.

The KaDeWe complex is connected to the pedestrian network of the area and provides new types of public spaces in the historical center. The façade is inspired by the gentle and s...
Source: e-architect
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