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Insteon for a Smart Apartment

Insteon has made the LifeEdited 2 apartment truly efficient. With their Insteon Wall Switches and Keypad we can control, customize, and even schedule our Plumen hanging lights and Haiku Fan from a smartphone using Insteon Hub technology.

Plus, Insteon works in tandem with the Nest smoke detector and security camera and more, letting Graham follow through on his vision of a highly functioning, high tech, easy to use, energy saving apartment. This post is one in a series that describes our LifeEdited 2 showcase apartment. LifeEdited 2 embodies our green, space efficient, and minimalist principles. We view LifeEdited 2 as a lab for experiencing things that are consistent with these principles. The product described in this post was given to us, which we appreciate, but we would not have accepted if we didn?t believe in it.

Source: lifeedited

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