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Cloud Hotel Renovation Project Mogan Mountain

Mogan Mountain Cloud Hotel Renovation Project, Zhejiang Province Building
Cloud Hotel Renovation Project Mogan Mountain
Chinese Accommodation Building Development ? design by STUDIO8 Architects
2 Oct 2019
Cloud Hotel Renovation Project on Mogan Mountain
Design: STUDIO8 Architects
Location: Miaoqian Village, Deqing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Photos below by Rui Hsieh

Mogan Mountain Cloud Hotel
— Lost in the mountain clouds, nestled in the forest
Nestled in the mountains of Moganshan, Cloud Hotel sits serenely in a bamboo forest in Deqing County, a popular retreat destination 200km away from Shanghai. The original building had three levels built along the mountain slope and carried features inspired by European castles. STUDIO8 was commissioned to renovate the architecture and interiors and redesign the visual identity.
In the renovation process, STUDIO8 aimed to best utilize the natural slope formed by the landscape, while taking full advantage of the spectacular mountain views. The designers were also faced with a challenge to create a dynamic integration of the spatial experience and the ?Cloud? brand image, and to infuse it into all design decisions. ?Architecture built in nature functions as the media in between humans and nature; it should blend into the landscape organically, instead of just being in it,? says the studio principal.

The original building had guest rooms on the first and second floors; a lightweight extension with arched glazings...
Source: e-architect

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